Google Nexus 5X finally receives Android 9.0 Pie via AOSP ROM

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Analysts are concerned that a game as big as Fortnite being installed via enabling "install via unknown sources" could lead to a lot of unaware users being exposed to other malicious apps and could lead to a trend followed by other big developers. Of Fortnite's 125 million and growing userbase, many of them young teens, how many of them will cautious and security conscious enough to turn the security settings back on?

The userbase of Android is much higher than iOS so even if the Google Play Store doesn't charge fees as high as Apple, its still a huge loss for the company, at least $50 million as suggested by data analysts.

This long waiting time has perhaps lead to some impatience, and thus users are using an APK to download Android Fortnite before it's release. That's easy to do if you're a Fortnite fan with an iOS device. And you get first dibs with the beta if you own a Samsung device - a list that includes its flagship Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus (and its predecessors, the S8 / S8 Plus); the Note8 (and the just-announced Galaxy Note9, when it arrives later this month); as well as the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and Tab S3.

Just fire up the Play Store on your phone, and search for "Fortnite Mobile" or some variation on the name to get the message. The latter bit was a direct appeal to gamers and Epic Games' partnership with Samsung will not go down with Google. Will going off market plunge you into Android gloom?

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Epic has shared a few more details about the upcoming Android release of Fortnite. Malware can also come bundled with the actual official Android version of the game downloaded from an unofficial third-party.

When searching for Fortnite in Google Play on your Android device (Note: this doesn't appear on Google Play on the web), you'll now be presented with a message from Google advising you that the app is not available on Google Play.

XDA-Developers explains that when people sign up to the beta, their Pixel downloads an app that replaces a placeholder app, making everything work just fine.