United Kingdom trade deal 'absolutely possible'

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"I read reports where that won't be possible but I believe that after speaking with the Prime Minister's people and representatives and trade experts it will absolutely be possible".

"Whatever you do is OK with me", Trump said.

Trump said he had made a suggestion to May on a negotiating tactic with Brussels that she had not taken because it was "maybe too brutal", but she could still use it if things took a turn for the worse.

But even if Britain can extricate itself from the dense web of regulations and tariffs resulting from its decades of European Union membership, a US-UK trade deal would be easier said than done.

Samina echoes Magid Magid, the Lord Mayor of Sheffield, when she says Trump "is the definition of a wasteman".

Trump also said the deal that May's government has proposed would "probably kill" any trade agreement with the US because Washington "would be dealing with the European Union" instead of with the United Kingdom.

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Labour's Stephen Doughty said: "An image of Donald Trump sitting in Churchill's seat will stick in the throats of many Brits who would consider Trump not only to be one of the worst presidents in USA history but also not even worthy of a comparison with our wartime leader who rescued our nation in its darkest hour". "She said, 'Don't worry, it's only the press.' I thought that was very - I thought that was very professional".

For those incensed by Trump's say in the matter, it is worth noting that his predecessor was no less terse in warning, not just the Cameron government, but the British people, that leaving the European Union would banish Britain to the end of any trade agreement queue.

Trump declared that immigration has changed the fabric of the continent.

"We have left North Atlantic Treaty Organisation with more money, more spirit, more unity than even before", Trump said.

"I just think it is changing the culture, I think it is a very negative thing for Europe", he added.

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Trump was meandering, combative and inaccurate in many of his answers - attacking "fake news" CNN, referencing his uncle "John Trump at MIT" to crow about his understanding of nuclear weapons and repeatedly lampooning President Barack Obama, his predecessor.

Frank, thank you so much.

The Sun's write-up of its interview, which was recorded, quoted him describing her as a "nice person" and saying they get along "very nicely".

"We have this stupidity going on, pure stupidity, but it makes it very hard to do something with Russia because, anything you do, it's like: "Russia, oh he loves Russia", Trump said at the press conference before news of the indictment.

Later in the press conference, Trump slammed reporter Kristen Welker after a question about Russian Federation. He also said she "wrecked" Brexit, which he supports.

The Independent also takes up the president's attempt to go back on what he apparently told the Sun, with a somewhat tongue-in-cheek effort: "Trump's backtrack - the "highest level of special".

PRIME MINISTER THERESA MAY: Over the years, overall immigration has been good for the U.K. It's brought people with different backgrounds, different outlooks here to the U.K. and has - and we've seen them contributing to our society and to our economy.

The Trumps entered the castle's Quadrangle by Range Rover after arriving on the castle grounds by helicopter.

Mr Trump and his wife, Melania, later had tea with the Queen at Windsor. The queen navigated her way around him.

"I think we're going to get along very well".

'He won't take notice of this protest but I think the numbers here today show the English tradition of liberty'. "I think he has done a bad job on crime, if you look, all of the terrible things going on there, with all of the crime that is being brought in".