Exhausted and battered, Croatia reaches its 1st World Cup final

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But British Airways, which has seen a 700 percent increase in searches for flights to Russian Federation on its website since England's penalty shootout win over Colombia last week, has now released hundreds more seats on Moscow flights by using bigger planes.

"It was a tough game, a 50-50 game, I'm sure we'll look back at stuff we could have done better but we worked as hard as we could".

Many fans had their heads in their hands, while others shook their heads in disbelief. "I feel disappointed but proud".

Comedian Rob Beckett said he had a ticket to the final up for grabs, because he had bought it thinking England would make it all the way.

"The first half was incredible and the second half was bad".

"They have done so well".

"Croatia have reached the semi-finals".

While Southgate's waistcoat accumulates national attention, another item worn by the Three Lions boss has been credited with bringing luck to the team in Russian Federation. For more than an hour, Gareth Southgate's young team led Croatia before the tired, aging opposition sprung back into life at the Luzhniki Stadium.

"Those emotions are what drive us, that is our petrol and how we have come back to a semi-final after 20 years". "We haven't said our last word, there is still one more game to go".

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When Croatia scored the goal that took them into the World Cup final on Wednesday, an AFP photographer unwittingly became part of the celebrations as he was buried under a pile of joyous players.

"That speaks volumes in itself".

So get your kippers and slippers prepped, do your morning (or evening) calisthenics now, and for heaven sakes ring Mum, otherwise you just know she'll ring you during the match. "We were all happy, all hugging", Mbappe said.

Deschamps is aiming to join Germany's Franz Beckenbauer and Brazil's Mario Zagallo as the only men to have won the World Cup as both a player and a manager.

"It's been fantastic until now".

BS: And firing coaches, lawsuits-I was reading an article today that said a lot of Croatia didn't even like Luka Modric because he was involved in the Dynamo Zagreb trial-and they fired their coach, as you've mentioned a couple times, right at the end of qualifying.

"Now I've got to go".

Nick Branch, 35, joked: "I'm a West Ham fan so I'm used to disappointment".

"1998 will never be forgotten and should not be, but I would love it if eventually the 1998 "Fiery Ones" can be moved aside so that we can talk not only about 1998 but also a bit about 2018", the former Real Madrid player said.