Camera Company Light To Produce Smartphones

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According to the Washington Post, Light is working to bring its multiple-lens technology to smartphones.

The concept design shown to the Post reporter is capable of combining all of the images to take 64-megapixel photos, with superior low-light performance and better depth effects. "It's truly pocketable. Yet in the end, consumers want the convenience of a phone with the power of a dedicated camera", TechCrunch reported. Light says that it hopes to unveil a smartphone sometime later this year. As insane as it sounds, Light, the company behind the L16 camera with 16 lenses on one side (see the video at the bottom of this article), is said to be working on a handset.

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It wasn't made clear if Light is developing this phone on its own, or working with existing smartphone makers. Rumours have claimed that Apple could introduce a similar triple lens system on its iPhone series in 2019. Utilizing multiple lenses, this piece of equipment puts the power of capturing breath taking photographs back in the hands of an everyday camera user by pushing the boundaries of camera technology past anything we may have seen before.

After LG and Huawei launched their first smartphones with dual cameras (Huawei P9 and LG G5), two camera setups became one of the main trends of the mobile devices sector. The smartphone's 40MP sensor is an RGB one, the 20MP one is a monochrome sensor, while the 8MP is the telephoto lens. And the most distinguishing feature is that it has up to nine camera lenses on the back. And true to the firm's reputation, the device will reportedly be equipped with more cameras than you can imagine.