'Permit Patty' calls cops on girl selling water in San Francisco

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San Fransico woman Alison Ettel appeared to call the police on an 8-year-old girl for selling water bottles outside of her apartment then later claimed there's nothing racist about her actions.

News reports Alison Ettel confronted Jordan Rogers on Friday as the young girl sold the water outside her home.

Ettel says the little girl is "illegally selling water without a permit".

She later posted the incident to Instagram.

Not only did she face major backlash online, Ettel has since lost business with at least one dispensary that sold products from her company TreatWell Health-an edibles manufacturer that specializes in cannabis options for pets.

"We've been out before with my nieces who are full white and she didn't come out here and they were being way louder than Jordan was by herself", Austin said.

The girl's cousin responds, "On my property". And a Yale University student was interrogated by police after her dorm neighbor called the police because she was napping in a common area.

"It was wrong, and I wish I could take it back", said Ettel, who sells cannabis products for dogs.

Erin denies screaming and says the situation should never have escalated to calling the police. "Whether she's black, brown, orange, yellow, purple", Austin told Inside Edition.

After the video sparked public outrage, Ettel, who is white, issued a tearful apology on the "Today" show on Monday.

The incident follows one in May at Lake Merritt in which a woman - dubbed "BBQ Becky" - called police to report an African American family barbecuing at the park, reported KRON.

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While some celebrities have lashed out at #PermitPatty, others have said they will pay for the little girl and her mother to travel to Disneyland for free.

In this latest instance of black people being reported to authorities for seemingly normal things, Ettel - now nicknamed by critics "Permit Patty" - has drawn comparisons to Jennifer Schulte.

"As a business woman myself, I will always strive to encourage female entrepreneurship". "That wasn't it. I just wanted them to be quiet or move to a corner". She told HuffPost she completely regrets making the "stress-related" confrontation, and begged the publication not to make her sound "horrible".

"Extremely excited because I have never gone", Jordan said.

She also blamed her poor decision of being stressed out.

"On my property", Austin says.

'They want police to kill us. When it caught the eye of musician Jonathan Brannon, he generous stepped in and bought Jordan four tickets to Disneyland.

Austin made a follow-up post on Instagram later on Saturday.

"We thank and appreciate you so much".

In a freaky twist, it was revealed Ettel makes a living selling edible marijuana for both humans and their pets, which she may or may not have a permit for so.