The Clinton email report is coming

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Former FBI directors James Comey and Robert Mueller walk together outside the White House during Obama's presidency.Win McNamee/Getty Horowitz will also sharply criticize former FBI director James Comey as taking actions that were "insubordinate" while overseeing the Clinton investigation.

"I'll say that, within the FBI, you have to understand that there is simply no way that someone in the position that Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were in that could have politically impacted an investigation", he explained as Cortes tried to talk over him.

The IG report released Thursday did say McCabe could have chosen to recuse himself, and that doing so would've helped ease any perception that he was biased towards Clinton.

Napolitano said there is no new information about former FBI Director James Comey's actions on the case, calling it "astounding" that the report makes no mention of Comey's decision not to recommend charges against Clinton.

In the days before the presidential election, Mr Comey announced that new emails had surfaced which related to that case.

The Special Counsel is probing allegations that Russian Federation interfered in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, as well as accusations that Trump's campaign team colluded with Moscow to affect the outcome of the vote.

The watchdog report being released Tuesday said Comey was not motivated by bias at the news conference. The FBI's actions and those of former Director Comey severely damaged the credibility of the investigation, the public's ability to rely on the results of the investigation, and the very institutions he claims to revere.

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Trump is certain to try to use the report to validate his firing of Comey past year, an act that is central to special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into whether the president sought to obstruct justice. Charging announcements are normally made by the Justice Department, not the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Its intent was to provide a non-partisan examination of how the Justice Department and FBI operated during one of the most closely scrutinized investigations in decades.

On Capitol Hill, members of Congress also reacted to the investigation. "In particular the report cited text messages between employees that included "[Trump's] not ever going to become president, right?

At a congressional hearing last May, he said he was concerned that the Justice Department could not "credibly" announce the conclusion of its investigation, in part because the attorney general at the time, Loretta Lynch, had met aboard her plane with former President Bill Clinton.

In response, Wray said he was making "all employees fully aware of our new policy on contacts with the news media. and making clear that we will not tolerate non-compliance". But the practical effect of Inspector General Michael Horowitz's findings will likely now pour lighter fluid on an already heated debate about the actions and motivations of law enforcement that has continued to simmer throughout the Trump administration.

What did the report say?

Similarly, the inspector general found a July 2016 email in which a supervisor told investigators in Washington who were probing the Clinton Foundation they could not obtain bank records that the Los Angeles Field Office had picked up in an unrelated case, and that directive had come from McCabe. Voluntariness and consent in the former were replaced with search warrants, subpoenas, and other compulsory processes in the latter.