CD Projekt Red lifts lid on Cyberpunk 2077

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While there are segments of Cyberpunk that play out in third-person - most notably the driving sequences - it seems that the vast majority of the game plays out from a first-person perspective. CD Projekt Red's Kyle Rowley firmly stated to GameSpot that "It's a role-playing game with some shooter elements, rather than a shooter with role-playing laid on top of it". They spent a lot of time creating a detailed world in night city, and they want it to be immersive and have the player feel the depression of mega corporations stamping down the life's of people, and thus, a first person perspective would suit the theme better. Featuring CD PROJEKT RED's trademark storytelling system driven by choice and effect, in Cyberpunk 2077 players navigate the streets of Night City along strongly contrasting paths to arrive at one of a range of story outcomes. In the hour I spent with Cyberpunk 2077 there was swearing, full frontal nudity, serious violence and some body modification that made me say 'eew.' There are noodles in the game, though, so it's not all bad really.

Something to look forward to: Cyberpunk 2077 was unveiled on Sunday in a short in-engine trailer, but now we're finally getting some meaty information about the game. In a nutshell, it's a 'first-person RPG, ' they said (via IGN).

In a world where you have no future, what matters is that you control who you are. The story will be personalized by each choice you make.

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The protagonist, called V, can be either male or female. Players will be able to actively comment on an NPC's appearance or tattoos to butter them up, or they can end the conversation early with a "well-placed bullet".

Go Anywhere, Do Anything - Cyberpunk 2077 is fully open-world, which means Night City is yours for the taking - if you're prepared. Then use your blood money to invest in properties all around the city. Offering dozens of activities like side quests and Street Stories, the game is a good fit for both hardcore completionists and gamers who like to focus on instant action.

As it was evident by the reveal trailer, vehicles are a big part of the game too, and engaging in combat while riding is also confirmed.