Fortnite Rolls Out Shopping Carts

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PUBG and FORTNITE are now the topmost played Battle Royale Games trending these days. PUBG recently took aim at NetEase, suing the firm for copyright infringement and trademark violations relating to its mobile games which follow the same battle royale methodology as PUBG itself.

That's not all, the latest update also adds a new restorative item in the form of mushrooms. For once, you won't be annoyed that your chest spat one out instead of a legendary assault rifle.

Fortnite was first released in July 2017 but its Battle Royale mode was not added until September 2017. These carts, though, aren't super-fast or available in numbers that are likely to have a big impact on a match and, truth be told, they kind of make you stand out like a sore thumb. More details about what's included in the weekly Fortnite update are available on Epic Games' website. By staying current on what fans want and what bugs need fixing, Epic has made sure to keep the outrage to a minimum and assure players that everything is under control. Mushrooms are also being introduced which can replenish shield points instead of health points. Assuming you have one in your inventory, you can use either of the two to finish off an enemy even if you used a different gun to down them. The vehicle was first teased earlier this week. You can operate it solo by pushing it or you could have a friend jump into the front of it.

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Blitz and Teams of 20 modes are returning as well, along with a variety of bug fixes and improvements.

After the launch of the Battle Royale mode in Fornite, it started to gain popularity and as a result, it gained over 40 million from around the world.

Fortnite is one of the most popular games ever and claimed a world record in February 2018 when 3.4 million people around the world played the game at once.