Xbox invests in subscription gaming with new debuts like "Forza Horizon 4"

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Players will travel to Europe in Microsoft's newest version of its "Forza" vehicle racing game, to be released for Xbox consoles and PCs on October 2. In Forza Horizon 4, it also will be easy to interact with people you meet by quick chatting on the D-Pad.

There are two big changes to the series - the weather will now change dynamically based on a shifting cycle of seasons, with everything from winter's snowfall making a race far more treacherous, to the rain-slick roads of spring reducing traction.

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The British theme extends to other cars as well: the Land Rover Defender 90 will be sharing box art space with the McLaren Senna, with other United Kingdom marques such as Ariel, Aston Martin, Austin, Jaguar and MG being represented in Forza Horizon 4's announcement trailer. Are you a fan of the Forza Horizon series? Players will now be able to install drifting suspension to their cars, and custom race routes can be created and shared using the game's Route Creator tool. That future is still in the work, with the company revealing some expected first-party sequels and acting as hosts to a plethora of third-party games that'll all run and look best on the Xbox One X. But Xbox is investing in their own future, which was probably the biggest and most important facet of the entire showing. It arrives exclusively on Xbox One on 2 October, and if you've got a subscription to the Game Pass service, the game will be available through it on the very same day.

During the conference, we learned quite a bit about Forza Horizon 4 and even got a pretty good look at the game in action.