Triumph as One in Anthem, Launching February 22

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To start the show off, EA brought out the big guns and gave us a look at Battlefield V set during World War 2.

The new production is a multiplayer cooperative adventure with elements of action and RPG, which stands out for its graphics, but which also immerses the players in the universe of science fiction. Through a new trailer, an on-stage developer interview, and a decent chunk of actual gameplay, we picked up a lot of new information about the game - and yes, that does finally include an actual release date. Fans also got a look at Anthems customization options, showing off the Javelin's different designs, including some from Bioware's major franchises Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

Popular strategy game Command & Conquer is also making a comeback, with a new mobile game confirmed by EA. Immediately after these reveal, GameInformer announced that Anthem is their July 2018 Issue Cover Story.

After this, EA announced a new Cloud service which enables gamers to play their "favorite titles" across a wide variety of platforms. The mech suits in the game are called Javelins, and their will be 4 classes of Javelins: the Ranger, the Storm, the Colossus and the Interceptor.

In the story of Anthem, players take control of a freelancer who is able to use the game's exosuits or "Javelins".

EA Play 2018 Recap
Anthem Set For a February 2019 Release

Destiny inspired... maybe, but there is also a heavy does of Titanfall and I don't mind saying that Anthem has jumped to being my most anticipated game.

The decision to move away from "pay-for-power" advantages comes with a backstory for the publisher, which was highly criticized after revealing the extent of microtransactions in "Star Wars: Battlefront II" previous year. Oh, but it WILL feature a battle royale mode, creatively titled Royale.

One of the most charming and sweet characters and settings in games is back, as Yarny the little creature made of string returns.

"We are going to have some cosmetics and vanity items that you'll be able to purchase, but you're always going to know what you'll get before you spend any money on it", BioWare's Mark Darrah said at EA Play 2018. It will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

While you can play solo, you will need an online connection to play. The title of the game is Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order and will release Holiday 2019.

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