Xi, Modi Hold Bilateral Talks in China, Agree to Improve Ties

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Recalling that he and Prime Minister Modi successfully had an informal meeting and reached important consensus in Wuhan, President Xi said the meeting had been well received by both countries and the worldwide community, and a positive atmosphere is taking shape to pay close attention to and support the development of China-India relations. Chinese strategic expert Long Xingchun, senior research fellow at the Charhar Institute, told India Today that Pakistan could make some compromises on terror, but that members should not make the issue country-specific, referring to India.

Modi and Xi, who have met on more than a dozen occasions in the past four years, have been for some time trying to rise above the historical and policy trappings that has held India-China relations in an unsettled state for decades.

"It is the first summit after India and Pakistan joined SCO as full members of this organisation", Zhou said adding, "I think the forthcoming summit will explore the opportunity of new membership of India and Pakistan to expand the scope and areas of cooperation, not only between China and Pakistan and India but between all members of the SCO".

The two leaders also agreed on increasing bilateral trade to $100 billion by 2020, and Xi said China is ready to enhance agricultural imports from India. Counter-terrorism cooperation will get a boost with the visit of China's Public Security Minister announced for later this year.

Noting that China and India have reaped quite a few early-harvest outcomes in implementing the consensus reached at the Wuhan meeting, Xi said the two sides should make persistent efforts to accelerate the implementation, maintain strategic communication, expand economic and trade cooperation, promote people-to-people exchanges and enhance coordination and cooperation on worldwide and regional affairs. China's ambassador to India Luo Zhaohui said on Twitter that Saturday's meeting will discuss the blueprint of relations going forward and also the consensus reached in Wuhan last month. Indian pharmaceuticals are another potential item of export to China, he said. "Our talks will add further vigour to the India-China friendship", Modi tweeted after the meeting.

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Apart from this, the two sides formally agreed to undertake a joint project in Afghanistan, pertaining to "capacity building".

Modi is also said that have acknowledged the Wuhan summit as a "milestone in relationship", one which would help develop mutual understanding and trust and take the relationship forward.

Two bilateral agreements were signed at Qingdao by the Indian and Chinese sides.

The two leaders also spoke about ensuring greater people-to-people contact, with Xi talking about the popularity of Indian films like Dangal, Bahubaali and Hindi Medium in China. Significantly for India, China also agreed to renew an agreement which calls for sharing of hydrological data of the Brahmaputra river in flood season (from May 15 to October 15) with India.