Siri gets massive upgrades in the latest iOS update

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Apple's WWDC 2018 keynote was last week, and the American tech giant did announce some exciting new features for iOS 12 operating system which runs on the iPhones as well as on the iPads.

Apple announced some new updates to its personal assistant, Siri.

The organization also manifolds its commitment to user privacy by introducing the tools to stop advertisers from tracking the Apple device and users from being tracked online.

CNET reports the new tools on iOS 12 can be synced across devices, and also allow parents to set limits for kids to help them better manage their children's screen time. You can also create time windows where your kids won't be able to use their phones at all. Chief among the new features is a way for you to limit the amount of time you're working on your iPhone and to give you greater insight into your time with the device. Now that the announcements have been made, fans are eagerly awaiting the newer features which will streamline their devices and make them more efficient. According to Apple, tvOS 12 will get a public beta at some point this summer, followed by a public launch in the fall.

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The software update also comes with Memoji avatars. You will be able to add time if you were, say right in the middle of something.

As soon as you tap into a call, you will see an array of tiles showing other people on the group FaceTime call.

There are plenty of new features in iOS 12 but for this poll, I am only going to highlight some of the major ones. With Screen Time in iOS 12, sophisticated features herald an era of more "quantified usage" of your iPhone. This is to prevent users from being tracked on various sites that use cookies and website data to sell them ads. What the new intent in the firmware upgrade will do is to allow developers to generate audio or video playback from third-party media apps using Siri. We'll have to wait for the various music streaming apps to support Suggestions for example, and even then you'll have to program each trigger phrase individually for each artist or playlist.