Defector explains what North Koreans don't know about the world

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Trump said Saturday he was embarking on a "mission of peace", as he departed the Group of Seven meeting in Canada to fly to the summit site in Singapore.

"That's a good question". The U.S. president, who prides himself on his deal-making prowess, said he will know "within the first minute" of meeting Kim whether the North Korean leader is serious about the nuclear negotiations.

"Just my touch, my feel, that's what I do".

"It's a one time shot and I think it's going to work out very well", he said.

The pair will meet on June 12 at the Capella hotel in Singapore's Sentosa Island.

"You know the way they say you know if you like somebody in the first five seconds?" he added.

Asked how he would gauge Kim's openness to denuclearization, Trump said that he would know "very quickly whether or not something good is going to happen". "I think the USA was played by North Korea, and to some extent by South Korea", Kristof said when we met at the New York Times office this week.

"I don't think either side can let this opportunity to go without some sort of principle agreements coming out of it that will allow for further discussions and hopefully a better position between the two countries". (Carlos Barria/Reuters) North Korea handing over its nuclear weapons, however, is nearly certainly not going to happen at this meeting.

Although the Trump administration has said that America's 28,500 troops in South Korea aren't bargaining chips in Singapore, there are persistent concerns - fueled by Trump's own comments - that he may waver.

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Trump and Kim are due to have the first ever US-North Korea summit in Singapore on Tuesday, with the American leader hoping his counterpart will scrap his nuclear weapons program in return for security guarantees.

"Everyone said, you know, the haters, they say, 'Oh, you're giving him a meeting.' Give me a break, OK?"

US President Donald Trump speaks to the media after holding a press conference ahead of his early departure from the G7 Summit on June 9, 2018 in Quebec City, Canada. Kim, whose organization helps defectors escape North Korea and China and assists them once they reach South Korea, said that, even now, the situation is much the same; North Koreans know their government is lying.

While he famously attended school in Switzerland, traveling this far as supreme leader is an entirely different matter for someone used to being the most revered, most protected, most deferred to human in his country of 25 million. Entrepreneurs have been scrambling to cash in on the worldwide media spectacle, hawking Trump-Kim fusion burgers and summit-themed cocktails.

"The situation was much more shocking than I had expected", he said.

On the state of global trade: "From the standpoint of trade and jobs and being fair to companies, we are really, I think, committed".

Never straying from the Art of the Deal, Mr Trump said he would leave the meeting if he didn't like where it was heading.

"And then along with our partners - China, Japan, South Korea - we can all move forward together and have a fundamental shift in the relationship between North Korea and its region, and frankly, North Korea and the world".

Such is the short-term nature of politics, and the cult of personality unique to the Trump presidency.