Millions of Facebook users hit by Facebook privacy bug

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Facebook admitted Thursday that 14 million users' posts were accidentally made public for several days in May due to a technical bug.

"We'd like to apologize for this mistake", Facebook's chief privacy officer, Erin Egan, said in a statement.

Ms Egan says the issue did not affect past posts and has apologised for the mistake.

Social media giant Facebook is under the spotlight once again after it revealed 14 million users may have had their posts made public due to a glitch.

Facebook says it didn't make the posts private until May 27, so it's possible that mere acquaintances could have seen sensitive info during that nine-day span.

For example, the site made it easier for users to download all the data Facebook has on them, as well as gave them greater control over what sites the company is able to share their personal information with, such as advertisers and research firms.

Normally, a new post will default to whichever setting was selected for the previous one, but in this case all new messages automatically went to public.

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For those who are affected, Facebook will be displaying privacy notifications that appear when a user logs into Facebook via the web or mobile app.

According to CNN, who first broke the story, a bug caused the company to ignore these settings for millions of users for four days last month.

Huawei, a company flagged by USA intelligence officials as a national security threat, was the latest device maker at the center of a fresh wave of allegations over Facebook's handling of private data.

The bug became active on May 18th and Facebook started releasing a fix on the 22nd, though they didn't revert everyone's status settings until the 27th.

Facebook has stated that these types of notifications will be used going forward to report privacy issues or breaches.

Facebook has been criticized for its tendency to retroactively notify users of security bugs or breaches.

Facebook just can't get it together as we learn about another major privacy breach on their platform.