Ex-Philadelphia Eagles player defends former team: Trump made a poor decision

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After the Warriors won the 2017 NBA Finals, Trump uninvited the team after they publicly intimated that they would not visit the White House.

"I'm exhausted of the narrative being about the anthem, about the White House or whatever", he said following a meeting in downtown Philadelphia with top public defenders from around the country on the issue of bail reform. "I mean I know no matter who wins this series, no one wants the invite anyway, so it wont be Golden State or Cleveland going". "It won't be Golden State or Cleveland going".

On the eve of Game 3 of the Warriors-Cavaliers series, politics dominated the conversation.

Jenkins' comments come two days after the White House announced Monday night that the Eagles had been disinvited from a Super Bowl celebration hours before it was to take place. There are a lot of people that believe that he's not for the people or doing things that's right by the people. He said that it was "typical" of President Donald Trump to rescind the entire team's invitation because some of the players refused to attend. It's also true that the practice of skipping the White House event isn't new; individual players have opted out of the ceremonies, both under Trump and other past presidents, including Barack Obama. During the playing of "God Bless America", the president, who has demanded that NFL players stand for the national anthem instead of peacefully protest to raise awareness of social injustice and policy brutality by kneeling or raising a fist, sang only part of the song.

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President Donald Trump has framed the decision around the national anthem and his repeated arguments that NFL players should be required to stand on the field when the song is played before games.

No Eagles players kneeled during the anthem last season. Villanova, the reigning NCAA men's champion, has not revealed if an invitation was sent. "But a lot of that back-and-forth with the White House was not - we as a team weren't necessarily privy to that information; that was kinda going between team executives and the White House". LeBron added no one who wins this series wants to go to the White House either. "Pretty sure the way we handled things a year ago, kinda stay consistent with that". "So it's just the way it is".

"I agree with LeBron", he said, viaThe Hollywood Reporter.

Kerr also lauded the Eagles for being what he called "fantastic citizens in their own community".