Apple's watchOS 5 is coming with a long list of improvements

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Although this wasn't mentioned at the keynote, a press release from Apple confirmed that "watchOS 5 will not be available on the original Apple Watch", leaving owners of the OG model behind.

Apple today introduced watchOS5 with new updates including updated algorithms for health and fitness, a walkie-talkie feature, 3rd party app support, and a better way to talk to Siri.

When Apple's new Apple Watch software arrives this fall, one group of users will be left out of the update: those who shelled out for the $10,000 Apple Watch Edition. But the wearable's app saga hasn't been quite the same success story as the iPhone's was. WatchOS 5 has many more new features added behind the scenes and same interesting ones coming soon, as well.

WatchOS 5 turbo boosts the fitness tracking capabilities of the Apple Watch. Everyone in the challenge will be able to see their ranking as the week progresses, and trophies will be awarded when the challenge is complete.

The yoga workout feature primarily tracks the user's heart rate, but the hiking workout is more robust, including metrics for things like elevations and pace.

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Apple previously warned developers that an upcoming version of watchOS would end compatibility with the first generation of watchOS apps, requiring that apps get updated with at least the three-year-old watchOS 2 SDK.

While Apple had introduced music streaming features with watchOS 4, it has now brought Apple Podcasts support. You'll also be able to just raise your wrist and start talking to it rather than needing to say "Hey Siri".

The Siri watch face got some new improvements too with sports scores, maps and heart rate data. Episodes will sync to Apple Watch as well. Instead of raising your wrist and then addressing Siri by name, you can just start asking your question.

It's also worth noting the rumor of Spotify coming to the Apple Watch didn't come to fruition at WWDC 2018.

Notifications will be more interactive than before, as well - you'll be able to pay for rides directly within the Watch version of an app, respond back to Yelp reservations, and view web content within Mail and Messages via WebKit on watchOS. The feature uses Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity to enable voice communication with any Apple Watch user available around the globe.