Apple's new 'digital wellbeing' tools aim to help reduce screen time

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Simply put: we're using our phones too much. iOS 12 promises a counter that alerts you to how much you're using your phone per day.

Siri's new functionality appears to build on Workflow, an automation tool that Apple acquired past year. The CPU ramps up when it detects that more power is needed (if you start scrolling, for example), and ramps down again to conserve battery life afterwards. Developers can download the new betas from the link below. Including an ARKit powered measuring app called, appropriately, Measure and a new file format for AR created with some help from Disney's Pixar, that will see AR support coming to familiar tools such as Adobe Photoshop.

An Apple Developer membership costs $100 per year, and unless you are planning on creating and selling apps, isn't worth signing up for just to get early access to iOS 12.

The new search functionality will use image recognition to find or group photos by recognising events, actions, and genres. Without exiting Quick Look, users will be able to mark up documents by adding a signature, for example, or do slight photo and video edits.

With iOS 12, you no longer have to jump from the log-in page to Messages to retrieve your security code. Just open the app, hold your iPhone or iPhone up to the object, tap the screen in a few key places to get digital measure points, and the app will tell the object's measurements.

Siri Shortcuts: a new feature that lets third-party apps add actions/shortcuts for Siri, so they can be triggered by your voice.

Voice Memos is now available on iPad and adds iCloud support to sync recordings and edits across devices.

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Big news today if you're one of the 67% of Americans who own an Apple product. Also cool is a new "zero sign-in" feature in tvOS 12 that unlocks all supported channel apps automatically, This way as long as your Apple TV is on your pay TV provider's internet network, you don't have to log into channel apps at all for channels included in your pay TV package. It's not clear whether players will need to own all the sets in the app, though that would be a huge shame since they had about £500 worth of Lego condensed into a digital form.

The new Bedtime mode dims the display and keeps notifications from disrupting the user's sleep until the morning.

With iOS 12, you can also now manage notifications directly from the lock screen.

Closing off the iOS 12 presentation was the unveiling of Memoji - personalised emoji based on a user's appearance which can be customised - and FaceTime upgrades.

This includes a new dynamic user interface which shows all callers in a group FaceTime video call as tiles which adjust in size and position, depending on who is talking. Also, anybody in the Group FaceTime will be able to customize how they appear, with different filters, Animoji or Memojis.

Primarily aimed at "doubling down on performance", iOS 12 will be officially available on all the same devices as its predecessor.

As part of the new desktop OS, which will be a free update to users availabale this fall, there will be new privacy settings for users' microphones, cameras and Safari data, following similar enhancements for contacts, photos, calendars and reminders.