Russia Demands Only Syrian Military to Remain Stationed On South Western Border

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According to Israel's Channel 2, the agreement would OK the presence of Syrian soldiers up to the border with Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, removing Iranian and Hezbollah forces from the area.

"We don't have any other options, with the Americans or without the Americans", he said.

On Monday last week, Iran rejected remarks made by Russia's President Vladimir Putin suggesting that foreign countries should be withdrawn from the Syria following a political settlement interpreted to be referring to Iran, as well as American and Turkish forces.

The SDF, dominated by the militia of a self-proclaimed Kurdish autonomous administration, have air support from the US-led coalition against IS and operate on the ground with U.S. and French special forces.

"The Americans should leave, somehow they're going to leave", he said. "This is why our Defense Ministry has been drawing our USA counterparts' attention to that fact and they seem to be coming to the same conclusion", the Russian top diplomat noted, adding that he expected practical steps to that end.

Israel has lengthy stated it might not enable Iran to achieve a everlasting army foothold in Syria and has seen Iran's ally Russian Federation as the important thing to stopping it.

It was not the first time that Assad has threatened to attack USA troops, but it was his most explicit expression yet of his determination to rid Syria of American forces.

Asked if there was anything Syria could do to stop Israeli air strikes, he said the only option was to improve air defences, "and we are doing that".

Israel has claimed that it targeted military infrastructure run by its archfoe Iran, which has been Damascus' other key ally in the conflict.

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"The regime in Tehran is the main factor that disrupts the stability in the Middle East", he added.

"We do not have Iranian troops".

"We could not hide it, and we would not be ashamed to say that we have".

Tzuriel said that if the opportunity is not seized on and Iran is not pushed back "we are on a collision course with Iran". The report cited Russian concerns over repeated Israeli air strikes in the region that could jeopardize Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's grip on power.

Commenting on the attack, Damascus stated that Syria would counter all the attacks by the Israeli forces on its sovereign territory and will not hesitate to strike Israeli military targets as it has a right for self-defense.

Russian news reports said Moscow wants to cut a deal that would see Russian military police deployed to areas near Israel.

"You have to open the doors and you have to distinguish between different kinds of people", he told RT. "I assure you the opposition forces have taken a number of measures ... including digging trenches and tunnels to prevent the regime from launching any attack", he said.

"They told a story, they told a lie, and the public opinion around the world and in the West didn't buy their story, but they couldn't withdraw", he said.