Mega Man 11 Activates in October; New Amiibo Revealed for Nintendo Switch

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Capcom changed that today by dropping a ton of new information about the game, releasing a new trailer, and revealing that it will be launching on October 2. Light, Mega Man's creator, adds these upgrades to Mega Man. If you do decide to pre-order Mega Man 11, you'll gain access to a free "bonus soundtrack", which consists of "eight alternative, in-game instrumental piano arrangements" for the game's various stages. We can expect to see more of Mega Man 11 in just a couple of weeks, as Capcom will have it on hand at E3 2018. Among those new Masters are Blockman, who can form solid blocks out of thin air and morph into a powerful giant form (and who looks quite a bit like Vincent from The Black Hole), and Fuse Man, a speedy bolt-thrower with a really bad hat. Revealed late past year, Mega Man 11 continues the long-running action series, but for the first time moves away from the franchise's iconic 8-bit aesthetic. There's the Speed Gear, which can slow down time and allow players to react faster to incoming enemies or moving platforms. Developed by Dr. Wily, the Double Gear system allows for special attacks and can also slow time.

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The same system can also let you power up Mega Man's arm cannon to deal out more damage. Double Gears need time to recharge after use, especially if Mega Man gets desperate and utilizes them both at once. Both will be available starting July 24 on Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC.