Australian Pricing For Pokemon Pokeball Plus Revealed

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Just announced at a press conference in Japan, Pokémon Quest features creatures from the series' Kanto region, but with a Minecraft-ish blocky appearance.

The Pokeball Plus will allow gamers to play the entire Switch game using only this accessory and it will also work with Pokemon GO. Considering the close timing to E3, and the recent wave of rumours suggesting an announcement was incoming this week, many have assumed that this Thursday's news will be a reveal of the rumoured Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee games for Switch. In that spirit, the games have a lot in common with Pokemon Go-and even connect to it directly. When used on Pokemon Go, the controller can also be used to capture Pokemon in-game in place of needing to hold the smartphone and simulating the ball toss.

Pokemon Let's Go will come out on November 16th. Now those Pokemon aren't trapped in Go forever, and transferring a shiny Pokemon from Go to Let's Go will be the single easiest way to get shiny Pokemon in any Pokemon RPG ever.

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The company has launched a new page on the official U.K. Nintendo Store page asking visitors to register their interest in the upcoming title, in order to be first to learn how to pre-order it, as well as to receive more information about the eagerly anticipated title., the largest and the oldest Pokemon franchise fan site on the internet, shared that Oha Suta, a famous Japanese morning variety show, will share "shocking" Pokemon news and a story about something new on May 31st 2018 (7:05 AM JST).

An "all-new core series" Pokemon RPG is also in development, due out in the second half of next year.