Sleeping In On Weekends Might Help You Live Longer

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The authors, writing in the Journal of Sleep Research, noted: 'The results imply that short (weekday) sleep is not a risk factor for mortality if it is combined with a medium or long weekend sleep'. But without making up for lost sleep during the week, those only getting five hours of fewer during the week did not live as long as people who consistently slept seven hours each night.

People who sleep in over the weekend live a healthier life.

But a professor from the stress Research Institute at Stockholm University says perhaps short sleepers are catching up on some of the sleep they missed on the other days. The individuals were restricted to 4.67 hours of sleep for each 20-hour time period, which is the equivalent to sleeping around 5.5 hours in a 24-hour day. The findings showed that people who slept for short amounts of time during the week and the weekend had a 52% increased rate of mortality. "If you can function on what you get, you are likely getting the right amount of sleep", Åkerstedt noted.

The study wasn't ideal and had limitations, including study subjects not being observed directly and self-reporting their sleep habits.

For people over 65-years-old there is no link between sleep duration and a heightened risk of death.

Sleeping In On Weekends Might Help You Live Longer
Sleeping In On Weekends Might Help You Live Longer

Sleep is something you need to replenish regularly if you don't want to hurt your health.

A man sleeping in bed Infront of an alarm clock.

We often hear about how the most successful people wake up early and get a jump start on their day before the sun is up.

He thinks a lot of people may relate to sleeping less during the week and, at the very least, may want to have an excuse for sleeping in on their days off.

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