Iran's top leader vows to defeat US fresh anti-Iran move

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Meanwhile, Iran's Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, making his first public comments since US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued a series of demands from Iran, said the US had a deep enmity toward his country, but that if Iranian officials do their duty, the country would defeat the US.

"The US has tried various political, economic, military and propaganda undertakings to hit the Islamic Republic" throughout its four decades, the nation's top religious leader told a gathering of officials on Wednesday.

"We seek to work with as many partners, friends, allies as possible to achieve the common objective of stopping all of Iran's nuclear and non-nuclear threats", he added.

Pompeo had said the Trump administration was preparing to impose "the strongest sanctions in history" on Tehran after withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal earlier this month, as he laid out his list of demands for a new treaty.

Khamenei did not directly address remarks made by Pompeo on Monday that threatened Iran with "the strongest sanctions in history" if it did not curb its regional influence, accusing Tehran of supporting armed groups in countries such as Syria, Lebanon and Yemen.

On May 8, Trump announced Washington's withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal.

Khamenei also said that the U.S. had no excuse to quit the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, adding "you see how easily they can cancel it", according to Iranian state television.

On May 8, President Donald Trump withdrew the US from the UN-endorsed nuclear agreement, a move which Salehi described as "unwise". Though marginal amounts of reduced supply can weigh heavily when markets are nearing an undersupply scenario, these barrels can be made up, at least in part, by Saudi Arabia who has indicated it would step in to make up for the loss of Iranian barrels, Russian Federation and others, including USA shale oil production that has a feeding frenzy any time oil price s spike.

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However, in Paris, France's foreign minister said the US decision to scrap the Iran nuclear deal and implement a tough strategy on the country would strengthen Tehran's hard-liners and endanger the region.

"Europe should fully guarantee Iran's oil sales".

Russian Federation and China were also signatories to the Iran nuclear deal, but no demands were made of these countries.

All the other parties to the agreement - Russia, China, Iran, Germany, France and the United Kingdom - have not supported Trump's move.

"Iran was committed to the deal".

He said: "The US sanctions against Iran will not encourage dialogue, on the contrary, they will empower and embolden conservatives and weaken President Hassan Rouhani, who for his part was willing to negotiate". He also called for a ban on a heavy-water reactor, which is the most basic way to develop nuclear energy.

The deal was agreed between Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council - the US, UK, France, China and Russian Federation - plus Germany. "Europe must compensate for that silence", Khamenei said according to state-run news agency IRNA.