Trump tells North Korea that denuclearization will preserve its security

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Trying to address the North Korean concerns, the president said that if Kim were to agree to denuclearize, "he'll get protections that would be very strong".

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster and a group of fellow governors are backing US President Donald Trump's nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, citing what they called Trump's "transformative efforts to bring peace to the Korean peninsula".

"The best thing he could do is to make a deal", Trump said of Kim.

A North Korean official also derided as "absurd" comments by Trump's top security adviser, John Bolton, who referred to Libya as a model for denuclearisation.

In reality, the dynamics that made a successful maximum-pressure campaign possible have changed fundamentally.

The United States said it was not planning to reduce the scope of the ongoing military exercises with South Korea. The mood in South Korea has changed significantly, making the threat of military action less credible. He said North Korean officials are discussing logistical details about the meeting "as if nothing happened". "At the same time. we've been prepared that these might be tough negotiations". The process involved the transfer of Libyan nuclear equipment to a facility in the United States.

"The Trump administration is probably asking for language in the summit declaration that the North Koreans find unacceptable". South Koreans won't want to reverse history and go back to a standoff with Pyongyang.

"We have already stated our intention for denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and made clear on several occasions that precondition for denuclearization is to put an end to anti-DPRK hostile policy and nuclear threats and blackmail of the United States", Mr. Kim said.

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The Blue House official said the South Korean government or President Moon Jae-in intends to more actively perform "the role of a mediator" in various channels between South Korea, the US and North Korea. Targets of sanctions find ways to cheat.

Trump's remarks came the day after Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi urged the U.S. to remain calm over North Korea's about-face.

Xi Wednesday hosted a meeting with its leader Pak Thae Song, vice-chairman of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, the North's ruling party. The U.S. was invited into Libya to pick them up and cart them off, whereupon sanctions were lifted.

" "Maximum pressure" will be essential to giving the President leverage in this critical negotiation, and to forcing Kim to make the hard decision between the survival of his regime and his arsenal of nuclear weapons", they wrote.

"I can't tell you yet". Instead, it stressed that North Korea welcomes Trump's position for ending the deep-rooted hostilities between their countries and concluded that if the Trump administration approaches the summit with a honest desire to improve relations, the result will be positive. "We'll have to see", Trump said at the Oval Office.

"If the meeting happens, it happens and if it doesn't we go into the next step", Trump said.

But defanging Bolton, the most militant of Trump's advisers, is now also apparently a major priority. First, it should try to keep expectations low and encourage Seoul to do the same.

He may also be testing Trump to see how badly he wants the summit. But it's uniquely Trump-like to drop any pretense of special insight into Kim's thinking and to flat-out say that his administration is "just reading stories like you are".