'Yanny' or 'Laurel': The recording that is splitting the internet in half

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So what exactly is going on?

In a tweet that has gone viral, a three second recording only has a single word that has sparked a social media war.

And older adults tend to start losing their hearing at the higher frequency ranges.

She looked up the word "laurel" on vocabulary.com and after playing the audio file, heard the word "yanny" instead.

Audiologists say people are divided on what they hear because of several cognitive processes that the brain uses to give meaning to sound.

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"What we do know is when you modulate the base of each word you may hear one or the other", said Cavanaugh. "We have the suggestion of the two choices, Yanny or Laurel, and depending on our perception we respond accordingly". Both words share a U-shaped pattern, though they correspond to different sets of frequencies that the vocal tract produces, Story explains. The poll really kicked off when Cloe Feldman, a YouTube vlogger, posted the clip on Twitter.

Then, he said, you have to take into account the different ways people are listening to this - through mobile phones, headphones, tablets, etc.

Here we go again. They even disagreed with their parents.

Kimmel also created his own audio puzzle of listeners, enlisting correspondent Guillermo Rodriguez to say a word that has split his colleagues at Live! as to whether he's saying "yogurt" or "joker". "But any speaker that doesn't reproduce lots of low end (smaller size speakers in general) you will most probably hear Yanny". "What's real to one person may not be real to another person".

User Dani said she was flashing back to "the dress".