Tesla to halt production line again, report says

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"These cars can't drive themselves, but it's too easy for consumers to think they can", says William Wallace, senior policy analyst for Consumers Union, the advocacy division of Consumer Reports.

Tesla has so far been plagued by production issues during the electric vehicle company's mission to bring the affordable mainstream Model 3 to market.

At the same time, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has denied the charges, stating that the eye was ultimately rejected because it was inefficient, not cost. Tesla still has dozens of open positions in everything from manufacturing to Autopilot software engineering.

Tesla said it was working to gather all the facts about the Swiss case and was fully cooperating with the local authorities. During October, 2017, Musk tweeted that the company was in "production hell" as it tried to streamline Model 3 production.

In a March 30 company blog post, Tesla claimed its autopilot-enabled vehicles are involved in 1 automobile fatality every 320 million miles driven, versus 1 fatality for every 86 million miles driven in vehicles by all other manufacturers. WSJ fails to mention that Tesla is safest auto on road, which would make article ridiculous.

In another Twitter message on Monday, Musk said the "probability of fatality is much lower in a Tesla", saying Tesla would begin reporting safety numbers beginning in the second quarter.

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The spokesperson also said that Tesla is expected to "provide criticism and feedback to ensure that we're creating the best, safest cars on the road". [L5N1SL7R8] It was the latest accident involving a Tesla.

A Model S owner has told police that Autopilot was engaged when she crashed into a parked firetruck in Utah last week.

In a statement, the South Jordan Police Department said the driver admitted that she was looking at her phone prior to the collision.

Tesla said it had not yet received vehicle data and did not yet know the facts, including whether Autopilot was engaged.

The US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is investigating at least two recent fires involving Tesla vehicles.