Ryan Reynolds Surprises 'King of Mask Singer' Panelists With Unexpected Appearance

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Deadpool 2 is coming out soon, and marketing for the movie and news surrounding the stars of the film have been ramping up. Just when you think you know what will happen next, the filmmakers pull the rug out from underneath you but also provide you with a comfortable, if slightly disorienting, landing. At the film premiere for Deadpool 2, Reynolds put the onus back on Jackman to make this mashup a reality. "We'll see. You know, he hung it up, so we'll see".

To really appreciate "Deadpool 2" you have to have seen the original and probably every other Marvel superhero film, too.

It's just hard to tell, sometimes, which mode we're in at any given time. I think there's a real opportunity to not burden the narrative by shattering Wade's life, so then at the beginning of our movie you get to have him just be part of the team, which is obviously a very challenging prospect for someone like Wade Wilson. The first film came out and did well right away, and I got an email from the team saying they were going to make the sequel pretty much the following year. "This mask is much easier to wear than the Deadpool mask".

Not that he ever stops cracking wise in the process.

Of course to start off, we have to mention his forthcoming film, Deadpool 2, which will be out this week! This weekend, fans will sit down for the mouthy hero's next solo romp, and it will not take the mercenary long to come back to theaters once again.

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Cable arrives from the future, like a cousin of the Terminator, to wreak havoc in the present as he tries to kill a mutant kid (Julian Dennison) whose super power is the ability to shoot flames from his hands.

Deadpool believes Firefist can be saved from going to the dark side. To fend off the seeming fiend, Deadpool forms a band called X-Force.

I loved the X-Force. Deadpool responds by assembling a band of brothers and sisters, including Colossus (Stefan Kapicic), Bedlam (Terry Crews), Shatterstar (Lewis Tan), Zeitgeist (Bill Skarsgard) and a stunningly ordinary fellow named Peter (Rob Delaney).

The movie will be directed, at least as of now, by Drew Goddard. Beetz crushes the action here and gets featured in what is no doubt the single greatest piece of cinematography in the entire film in which the camera pans around her character as cars crash and trucks flip over to avoid her, although the shot itself is a bit marred by some rough CGI.

The new members of the cast are fantastic, especially Josh Brolin as Cable (his second coolest role of this "Summer of Brolin"). Both of the "Deadpool" films - unlike each and every comic book/superhero flick - succeed due to their strict avoidance of typical action/adventure/fantasy trappings. This film is almost completely linear, Deadpool simply used jumping through time as a way to make a slow origin more exciting, and to trick you into thinking there was more action than there was.