How To Turn On "Remind Me To Take A Break" On YouTube?

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At the Google I/O conference last week, it introduced a series of new controls that will basically allow users to take control of how much time they spend watching videos on the platform. Users will be allowed to set proper timing of exploring the platform.

YouTube also has a "time watched profile" in the line which is said to provide an insight to the users about their viewing habits.

As a part of Google's digital well-being efforts, the first change has arrived in the form of a YouTube update. If you have the notifications of the update, you will receive a notification regarding the new YouTube update on your phone as well.

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Once you hit the limit, YouTube will kindly remind you that you need to take a break and focus on your daily tasks. They ought to see a new entry called "let me take a rest". It will also include information of how many times you've unlocked your phone. The reminders will appear every 15,30,60,90 or 180 minutes, and pause the video you are watching, at which point you can either decide to stop, snooze or continue watching. When you see the reminder with take a break, you can close down the app right away or can dismiss the notification and start watching the video.

Lastly, if you have trouble sideloading the APK file, then enable the Unknown Sources option from the Settings Security menu to install the APK from the link given below. Google has already been working with a number of developers and designers on this new iteration of Material Design, including popular Podcast app Pocket Casts. Numerous users are still awaiting for this update on their phones, however many of them have got the updated YouTube and they can see the new Controls in the Settings menu.