Boston Dynamics' Atlas humanoid jog like humans

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This is an fantastic feat, considering the fact the first iteration of the robot was released only a couple of years ago by Boston Dynamics and it was just learning to balance itself and moving around the tricky terrain. And back in November, its bipedal Atlas robot showed off its sweet gymnastics skills.

What are you expecting next from Boston Dynamics?

The company on the technological development of Boston Dynamics next year intends to sell robotic dogs, which are called SpotMini. Atlas is the same robot we saw doing back flips a year ago. And now, that same hauntingly humanoid robot can run across while navigating uneven terrain unaided and bounding over some of the trickiest obstacles, including a log. So basically, he's in better shape than all of us and if we ever wrong him, he will chase us down regardless of the circumstances. "Atlas' ability to balance while performing tasks allows it to work in a large volume while occupying only a small footprint", says the company on its website.

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Boston Dynamics explained that contract manufacturers will build the first 100 SpotMini units later this year for commercial use.

It also provides a view of the robot's navigation systems, and how it detects nearby objects and paths to walk. Once the operator presses "GO" at the beginning of the video, the robot is on its own.

The first version of SpotMini climbed up stairs, rolled over and could even place objects in a dishwasher.