Google redesigns Google drive to match with other G Suite products

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Google Drive has used the company's Material Design aesthetic for quite some time, so the change isn't quite as dramatic as Gmail's - but hey, it's something. That is why Google recently launched material theming to express the company's unique identity through its digital products. G Suite customers will notice the logo in the top left of the page will now be the Google Drive wordmark and their company's custom logo will appear next to it.

The Mountain View company on Wednesday announced changes that will smooth out the service's now clunky layout, and add some material design flair to the visuals.

Users should probably start getting used to the changes, as Google is committed to implementing its new design into all of its apps sooner or later.

There are no major changes in the way that the service works, with the vast majority of changes involving color schemes and where icons and buttons are placed. The update comes hot on the heels of last month's Gmail redesign, but is much more subtle.

The redesign is being rolled out right now for users on the Rapid Release track, and everyone else will receive it in the next two weeks.

G Suite Status Dashboard
Google redesigns Google drive to match with other G Suite products

In case you haven't heard, Gmail got a big redesign recently that's in the process of rolling out.

Google has unveiled the latest update to Google drive in line with the recent changes to its other products. But the company also has made a wide range of visual tweaks.

The Settings and Help Center icon has also been moved.

There's a pill-shaped "New" button inside which the '+' sign is clad in four colours that allows a user to upload a file or open a Doc, Slide or Sheet file within the interface. Meanwhile, the site's background is now stark white instead of the current light gray. Google has also changed the font for headers.

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