Android P lets way more phones work with wireless Android Auto

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Many among the audience of over 7,000 people at Google I/O were nearly on the edge of their seats when Google Assistant made a real call to book a haircut appointment during Sundar Pichai's keynote.

Each year, Google announces the latest version of Android at its I/O developer conference.

OnePlus confirmed that its upcoming flagship killer, the OnePlus 6, will participate in Google's Android P open beta.

The tech may appear useful on the user's part, but it sounds handier (and an example of AI taking human jobs) for the businesses which rely on phone calls for booking appointments. So what might Android P be named? It must be noted that being a developer preview, one can expect it to be plagued by several bugs. Android P will see an all-new system navigation that will mostly do away with the three digital buttons found at the bottom of the screen. This device had a very early version of Android TV and the Google Assistant, so there were plenty of crashes, but it does look very promising. Other phones might take longer. This will result in features like Adaptive brightness and Adaptive battery that will learn from your individual usage pattern. Do note that users will have to sign up for Android P, irrespective of whether they enrolled in the Android O Beta Program. There are some exclusive features that Android P will be stuffed with. For instance, if the user is looking to book a cab, he or she might well type the same on Google Assistant or make a Google Search of it.

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Slices is another convenient feature where users' interaction with certain apps has been simplified. This dongle gives developers a reference platform to test their Android TV apps.

The OS also has new updates in volume control and screen rotation. Imagine being able to carry your Android TV device around with you pretty much like a Chromecast. Have you already gone back to the old-style buttons?

Once you realize the extent of your addiction, the new features will help you overcome it. You just do it differently than on iPhone 8 and its precursors.

The Android System notification is present since Android Oreo update, but the icon notification is the new addition with Android P. According to a screenshot shared by Android Police, if an app is found abusing the microphone or camera permission, users will be notified about the same. "Shush'automatically activates DND by simply putting your phone with the screen down on a table".