Deadpool Mocks Infinity War And Demands Your Sister, Er, Silence

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One of them is not Ryan Reynolds.

So much of the promotion has been tied to the Marvel movie, including crossover insults for Josh Brolin, who plays Cable in "Deadpool 2" and Thanos in "Infinity War".

Ryan Reynolds is known to be really witty and amusing on Twitter and does not fail to make fun of anybody in his way, not even his wife Blake Lively, who responds with equal zest. "Well if I tried to curse in Hindi, pretty sure there would be an worldwide incident", tweeted Ryan.

"The first movie is a love story masquerading as a comic-book movie, and this one is kind of a family film masquerading as a comic-book film again", he said.

With the release of Deadpool 2 just over a week away, 20th Century FOX has put out a new marketing tactic that is nearly identical to the #ThanosDemandsYourSilence campaign of Avengers: Infinity War. Now Deadpool 2 star Ryan Reynolds is pranking the same sign with his own version.

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And the star looked like he had far better manners than his superhero counterpart, Deadpool definitely wouldn't have been polite enough to stop and sign autographs or chat with fans. The Hindi dubbed version of the upcoming Deadpool-2's latest trailer was released on Monday.

But coming from the movie that's advertising itself with the tagline, "From the studio that killed Wolverine", we wouldn't expect anything less.

And don't wait for Reynolds to give away any plot details before "Deadpool 2" opens on May 18.

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