BN Living Sweet Spot: David Beckham gets sweet Birthday Surprise

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"Happy birthday.I just landed".

David Beckham got the "best birthday surprise" when his eldest son Brooklyn made a decision to pay him a secret visit on his special day.

Victoria posted the video and wrote, "The biggest surprise of the day...."

The only person missing from the dinner however, was David's eldest son Brooklyn, who was over in NY for work.

As he spots his son, David can be heard saying: "What are you doing here?"

Brooklyn tells his dad: "Are you OK?" The pair then hug for so long I thought my Instagram had crashed.but no, they're just very happy to see each other.

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His wife, Victoria Beckham, shared a video on Instagram today of the couple's eldest son, 19-year-old Brooklyn Beckham, showing up to their dinner in London to wish his father a happy 43 birthday. "I miss him so much - so much".

Both Cruz and Romeo shared pics with their pops and wrote that he's the "best dad in the world".

It's good to know that even when you're a multi-million and in your 40s you're never too good for a slice of Colin the Caterpillar.

Cruz opted for a card that featured a giant gorilla with the text, 'Dad you the man'. The former footballer flashed his latest inking at a charity event in Macau, China.

However, much to David's delight, his eldest son was actually on a flight from NY to London, and the video of their reunion will leave you in floods of tears.

The budding photographer recently showcased a sweet tribute to his dad by getting 1975 - the year David was born - tattooed on his right hand.