We explain the major moments from episode 2 of 'Westworld' season 2

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Dolores tries to make friends, pointing out their shared fury at humankind, but ends up setting up one of the best lines of the night.

Maybe the hosts all just need Dolores to help wake them up - though we'd rather have checked out before that happens... William is hell-bent on burning this place to the ground, so he tried to talk El Lazo and his men into helping him on this mission.

One assumes they'll cross paths again because one assumes the show would not take its two most interesting all-knowing robot revolutionaries and send them off to opposites ends of the park forever so Maeve can hang laundry in peace while Dolores blows up the White House with a laser or whatever.

Season two seems to have fixed this problem if Reunion is anything to go by. "All the choices." The rich and powerful probably wouldn't like it if the public could see all the terrible, depraved, sadistic things they get up to when there are no consequences for their actions, and it would fit with William's hints about searching for something beyond a simple reflection. This is the way Westworld should be.

Are you ready to start playing What Timeline Is It, Anyway? for another season?

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So while the central threat in season one of the Westworld was still somewhat far removed from our reality-the state of android technology and artificial intelligence in the real world is still way less advanced than many people think it is-this season's new menace lurks a lot closer to home. On the lighter end of the spectrum, Delos could be using the information as a tool of manipulation: As William told his father-in-law, the park is the "the only place in the world where you get to see people for who they really are", and given that its free-range debauchery nearly always leads to sex and murder, it's not hard to see how that could lend itself to blackmail. This time, the repeated question "Have you ever seen anything so full of splendor?" serves a different function.

Later on in the episode, William and other Delos board members were seen attending Jim's retirement party. A new character who knew the Man in Black. Frankly, Westworld loves to make me look like an idiot, as Simpson's renewed presence within the show fulfills a function that I now realize is desperately needed.

Delos's data collection operation might also explain some of William's transformation into the Man in Black. Flashbacks reveal that William (Jimmi Simpson/Ed Harris) created it in the park. Dolores can surely handle the mental stress of independence and revolution - especially given how she was trained by Arnold - and we know that much of Maeve's independence was programmed into her. Mostly. Probably. I guess we can't really be too sure. El Lazo's parting words (again, actually Ford's words) told The Man in Black that he had to take on this quest by himself, and then he shot himself in the face. Billy the white hat is gone forever. So she could know where this weapon is, because William once showed it to her without knowing she would recall it one day. It's fitting that we first see Westworld's utopian-like future through her eyes. William is there, and so is Logan. Empty or not, it still has value to Dolores. What does she intend to do once she breaks out of the park?

It takes a moment to figure out where we are in the show's opening, and when, thanks to Jeffrey Wright doing double duty as Arnold and Bernard. William fails at this due to Ford's trickery (at least he got a brilliant monologue from Giancarlo Esposito, which is a treat for everyone), but Dolores has more luck. "The unexpected nature of the scene was so exciting to me, that I couldn't say no".

9/10 - Reunion has filled me with hope that season two of Westworld can become one the best shows of the decade, and by expanding the world and diving deeper into its characters it certainly could be.