Massive explosions on Syrian military bases registered as seismic activity

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The Israelis are seeking Iran's reaction so that they could start an extensive conflict in Syria, Davod Hermidas-Bavand, a politics professor, told ILNA on Monday.

Bourojerdi, who is accompanied by an Iranian parliamentary delegation, said the project of the United States and its allies in this area has been defeated. He also stated that Israel will not permit Iran, which has sent thousands of troops into Syria, to establish bases from which it can fire missiles.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said this month his country will continue "to move against Iran in Syria".

Officials in Tel Aviv issued the warning to Tehran less than a day after a reported Israeli missile strike on military bases in Syria, one of which reportedly resulted in Iranian military casualties.

The Syrian army said late Sunday that "enemy" rockets had struck several military bases in the Hama and Aleppo countryside in what it said was new "aggression" by its enemies, state television said.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said 26 progovernment fighters were killed, a lot of them Iranians, with only four Syrians among the dead.

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Lieberman has said Israel would not accept limitations from Russian Federation or any other country on its "actions" in Syria.

There was no immediate comment from Tehran on the Sunday strikes, but the reformist-linked ILNA news agency quoted a security official who did not deny the strike and said any reports on the military situation in Syria should come from Damascus.

But a UK-based monitoring group said 26 pro-government fighters were killed, majority Iranians.

Speaking in Israel on Sunday, Pompeo said the United States was "deeply concerned about Iran's risky escalation of threats towards Israel and the region" and said it was critical for the two allies to work together to stop it. And it will attack Syria or Iran if fired at, he added. We are not talking here about just another strike on another Hezbollah convoy, but rather what would appear to be a new step in what is now the almost-open warfare being waged between Iran and Israel in recent weeks on Syrian territory. Reports later surfaced that advanced Iranian Air defenses had been the target of the strike.

ISIS-held areas in the Yarmouk camp and Hajar al-Aswad district came under fierce government bombardment on Sunday in an attempt to force militants to surrender their last pocket near the Syrian capital.

The president said that there is an escalation in the foreign aggression on Syria, adding that the foreign powers have become directly engaged in the attacks after their schemes in Syria were rendered flat when the rebels they are backing have largely failed.