Coroner to release IDs of 10 people killed in Toronto van attack

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According to police, the majority of the dead and wounded were women aged between 20 and 80.

One potential clue is a Facebook post, allegedly made by the suspect, that praises a previous killing and references involuntary celibacy or "incel".

What is an incel?

Incel is an abbreviation for involuntarily celibate, a community that is nearly exclusively male and frustrated with its lack of sexual experience and/or activity. While these movements differ in small ways, what they have in common is an organized hatred of women; the animus is so pronounced that the hate-watch group Southern Poverty Law Center tracks their actions. An extreme segment of the group promotes the idea of an "incel rebellion" or "beta male uprising", a violent revolution against women ("Stacys") and the men they prefer ("Chads"). The group has now been banned. Although the community is long gone, BBC News reports that it was where sexually-frustrated men blamed women - all women worldwide - for their inability to connect with the opposite sex.

Yet none of these traits of personality, however awkward, can explain the cold-blooded killing of ten people and the injuries suffered by many more. "We will overthrow all the Chads and Stacys!".

But they consider women as the "main problem". "Start envisioning a world where WOMEN FEAR YOU".

Think you could never be on the same level as an incel?

"Again, I'm not saying that this is necessarily a jihad attack".

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Monday, 23 April, 25-year-old Alex Minassian, who was driving a white van, leased by the company Ryder, one of the busiest streets of Toronto, Canada - Yonge Street - was hit by dozens of people.

Incels fundamentally believe that men are entitled to sex - and some posts even go so far as to suggest that the state should provide men with girlfriends if they can't get them for themselves. And while Peterson, because of his anti-feminist views and his alt-light appeal, may be able to convince some of them out of their abject nihilism, he reinforces the toxic notions that underlie their misogyny.

Elliot Rodger in an undated photo.

I've seen it in the man I ended a short-term dating relationship with via a respectful text message, who then accused me of leading him on because I dated him and then realised there was no connection. They obsess over how their looks are the reason they can not get women.

The area was mostly reopened to the public Wednesday, and mourners continue to visit a makeshift memorial to the 10 people killed. In a statement, Collins asked for unity in bringing comfort to those affected by the tragedy: "I will be asking all 225 Catholic churches in the Archdiocese of Toronto to offer special prayer intentions this week for all those who have suffered". Both of these have their place on the spectrum of negative behaviour.

"Domestic abuse and violence against women is firmly rooted in the notion of control, and for incels a loss of control has been translated into the ideology of blame."
The people in power, women, can change this, but they refuse to.

Look, no one enjoys putting a magnifying glass up to their ugly traits or behaviour.

We are talking about unprecedented for Toronto tragic accident. Humans, we're multi-faceted beings. Another classmate, Josh Kirstein, told The New York Times that Minassian "would cower and avoid eye contact when he saw a girl". "There will always be more rampages because of the way society treats us". For social media platforms to address and moderate these sorts of extremist content, we need to intentionally build towards a culture where sex is not expected of women, where sexual entitlement is not encouraged, where dehumanization is simply unacceptable. There's the entitlement. When this isn't received, the coping mechanism kicks in.