Was the Martavis Bryant trade a good move for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

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The Pittsburgh Steelers need to start looking towards the future.

The Steelers picked safety Terrell Edmunds in the first round on Thursday, then a pair of Oklahoma State studs - wide receiver James Washington and quarterback Mason Rudolph - on Friday.

Instead, the Steelers must have had a notion the Bengals wanted Rudolph or another quarterback and did whatever it took to get in front of the Bengals' two picks. Expect Rudolph to develop the next couple of years but a good value pick for the Steelers as many experts had Rudolph projected as a potential 1st round talent. Rudolph was taken in the third round of the National Football League draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

As for Rudolph himself, he'll have a chance to learn from Roethlisberger and ease his way in to an offense that features some of the most explosive playmakers in the NFL. Roethlisberger, 36, has played his entire 13-year career in Pittsburgh.

The 6-4, 227-pound Rudolph threw for 4,904 yards with 37 touchdowns and nine interceptions in his senior season.

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He was listed as a tight end in pre-draft reports, but for the Steelers, Samuels will be strictly used as a running back.

The only negative that can be taken away from the Bryant trade is that is forced the Steelers hand in the draft. However, strengthening the offensive and eliminating a player not bought into the team can only improve the Steelers' prospects in 2018.

The draft's final day is always full of intrigue and includes lots of hidden gems who could easily become tomorrow's dynasty darlings.

Rudolph will join Washington, his main target at Oklahoma State and Pittsburgh's second-round choice.