Snapchat Spectacles 2 launch today with photos, water resistance & more

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Originally, the glasses were priced at $130 and were only available from pop-up vending machines, but the sales eventually moved online and then to Amazon. The only downside? At $150, they are $20 more expensive than the previous version. Never free with the Spectacles, because this fresh, new design is also water-resistant. And you can choose between two different lens shades to customise your Spectacles further.

The second-generation Spectacles Snap unveiled Thursday appear to try to address some of the problems in the first model.

You can still add stickers and drawings to your Snaps after you've exported them, but you can't add AR filters. Finally, customers will be able to order prescription Spectacles through Lensabl.

The new Spectacles are waterproof. From a business perspective, Snap might have better luck targeting specific industries like law enforcement, so officers have a quick, easy way to document evidence of parking and moving violations. Unfortunately for Snap, that excitement for the product didn't last long, with the company making more devices than they could sell, and reports that owners didn't actually use them for very long. (Although the upload process is still reportedly clunky.) The second-generation Spectacles themselves are also now safe to be submerged for short periods of time, and its charger (its bright yellow case) is also splash-proof. As for the second version of Spectacles, certain features will come into play like dual cameras and Global Positioning System navigation.

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Now available in ruby, onyx and sapphire models, the new camera-toting specs will now let you take photos as well as record video.

First, the basics: Spectacles 2 cost $150-$20 more than the first-generation version-but feature a more streamlined form factor that fits "more easily in a trousers pocket", according to the Verge. The glasses can record video at 1216 by 1216 pixels at 60 frames per second with a touch of a button on the left side. The vending machines would pop up in locations around the U.S. every few days, which made Spectacles a lot harder to come by.

Snap's pushing the new Spectacles as built-for-the-summer, touting a new water resistance.