United States college golfer gets goosed on course

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In most cases, a birdie on the golf course is cause for celebration.

The geese are just as nippy as our temperatures this spring, apparently.

Hilarious photos captured the moment the Concord High School, Michigan, teen was chased and knocked down by the angry animal.

And it was not happy.

Now imagine how hard the game becomes when you're being attacked by a goose.

The insane moment occurred during a high school tournament in MI recently, with Blissfield High School taking on Concord High School.

United States college golfer gets goosed on course
United States college golfer gets goosed on course

A high school golfer competing in a recent tournament in MI was chased from behind and knocked to the ground by a Canadian goose.

The birds were near extinction at one point, the state agency said, but their populations have boomed across the continent because of wildlife management programs and the Canada geese's adaptability. However, one guard goose didn't think the team was far enough away and attacked. "At no point in my life, I never thought golf would be fun or exciting till yesterday", he wrote on Facebook.

Thankfully the golfer is okay, so we can continue laughing about it. Neither student nor goose was injured in the scuffle.

Couling said he still ended up shooting par on the hole despite not being able to use his clubs because they fell out when he flipped over and the goose was guarding them.

At least it wasn't an eagle.

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