Pleas for common sense gun reform raised after Waffle House shooting

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The weapons were eventually returned to Travis' father Jeffrey. A former coworker of his told 9NEWS Monday that Reinking worked for another crane company on a project in Denver, but was sacked after just one day.

He did not drink or do medication, based on a police report describing the interviews, and he was referred to as clever, well mannered and a very good gear operator. However, Sustrich also claimed he exhibited signs of being paranoid and was delusional at times. He was infatuated together with her and supposedly bought a $14,000 ring and drove to California to attempt to meet her, authorities stated.

The Tennessee Legislature presented the man who wrestled the weapon away from the Antioch Waffle House gunman with a resolution Tuesday to honor him for his heroic actions.

Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall said Tuesday that Reinking has been "compliant" and "cooperative" since he was transferred to the jail late Monday after he was captured near the apartment where he lived. According to one report, he told police that the pop star Taylor Swift was stalking and harassing him. One of the officials in his native IL said during the press conference, "There is evidence there is some mental health issues involved".

As law enforcement officials continued their search for the shooter on Sunday, authorities in Tazewell County, Illinois held a press conference on Sunday afternoon to detail information they had on the suspect.

Former colleagues at a crane company where Reinking worked in Colorado told and investigator this week that Reinking was intelligent and quiet, but they anxious about his mental health. Though, to the lives of everyone else in the restaurant it is because of his bravery that more people were not injured or killed.

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Turley said he tried to call Reinking after he left Salida but never heard back.

"With the dynamics of what's going on here, there's an very bad lot, and the clock is ticking", she said. He didn't like the government or the National Rifle Association, and he talked about being a "sovereign citizen", although the meaning of the phrase wasn't clear. The headphones fell out of my ears and dragged across the concrete as I immediately cut my phone conversation with a friend short and dodged a few cars to pick up the cheery kid, who had no clue his life was in danger.

But co-workers also knew Reinking as openly gay, according to the interview notes.

Reinking was arrested for his alleged role in the Waffle House shooting after a 34-hour manhunt Monday in a wooded area less than a mile from the crime scene.

He said he went to Vanderbilt University Medical Center to visit some of the victims who were wounded. "It's a disaster in my book". Shaw intervened and stopped the shooting before additional people could be harmed. "It seems like a disaster".

Expressing frustration about the criminal justice system's handling of people with mental illness, Hall said Tuesday that the Waffle House shooting was "evidence that we have too many guns and too many mentally ill people".