Rumour: Battlefield V Battle Royale Prototype in Works at DICE

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Word is that Battlefield developer DICE is now testing a battle royale mode for Battlefield V.

Quick, pick a side in Fortnite vs. PUBG, because the field's about to get a lot more crowded. Probably not. As the report claims, DICE is simply prototyping and testing how a battle royale mode might work within the context of Battlefield. In those last player-standing shooters, 100 players drop onto a map and fight until only one person or team is left standing, and that game type has taken over the industry.

While it may seem like DICE is riding the coattails of other games' success with this news, the series is admittedly a pretty good fit for a battle royale mode, with its open level design, systemic gameplay, and penchant for vehicular warfare perfectly catered to the genre's epic scale and competitively flavoured chaos.

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Per the report by Grubb, if the mode is given the go-ahead by EA, it could end up in the game as a free update, but we'll have to wait and see before we jump the gun on any speculation.

If included, a battle royale mode could offer something fresh for players as the franchise returns to a World War II setting that already feels a little exhausted following last year's release of Call of Duty: WWII. If DICE does decide that it's happy with what it has, it won't have it ready in time for the initial release. EA could cancel the prototype, it could hold it off for the launch of the next Battlefield or a Star Wars: Battlefront sequel, or it could spin it out into its own game.

Battlefield V was originally leaked in March and sees the franchise returning to World War Two.