Statistical analysis of India's performance at Commonwealth Games

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With India's medal tally reaching 59, it is quite obvious for the Indians fans to be excited about the closing ceremony.

"It sort of felt like we were left out a little bit".

Griggs was quick to defend her network amid the furore, but went even further with her criticism. The guide makes no mention of athletes marching in as part of the ceremony. "When I don't train I feel sick sometimes", she added.

Seema Punia was expected to win the silver and she did just that, but no one thought Jinson Johnson would trouble the Africans in the men's 1500m final.

Griggs' next Tweet contained a lengthy statement responding to claims made by Holmes about Griggs and Seven in her closing ceremony story. England finished in second place.

Empty seats, slam poetry and a lack of star power made for an underwhelming spectacle as the 21st Games drew to a close at Carrara Stadium on Sunday night. In hockey, both the men's and women's team failed to live upto expectations by not making it to the podium. "Others were comfortable with it; I wasn't", she states.

Local media slammed organizers for taking the spotlight away from the athletes, and Australia's para-athlete flagbearer Kurt Fearnley said it was "pretty strange". We can only show the pictures that are provided by the actual host broadcasters. However, having them come into the stadium in the pre-show meant the TV audience were not able to see the athletes enter the stadium. I said to senior management at Channel Seven, "With all due respect, you're my employer not my father", and so we resigned within 20 minutes of each other.

This morning, Commonwealth Games committee chairman Peter Beattie publicly apologised for the "complete stuff-up".

I'm reading a great book at the moment called How to Stop Time by Matt Haig, but to be honest, I haven't read it for about 10 days as I have found the secret to stopping time - the Commonwealth Games!

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"I'm delighted. We've reached our headline goal".

"That's our fault. that's my fault".

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has also hit out at the ceremony's organisers, today telling reporters those behind the debacle should "hang their head in shame".

"I am disappointed with the result.

Athlete visas for the Commonwealth Games expire on May 15". We wanted to stand there and celebrate our athletes and it didn't happen.

Given that she is a former swimmer for Australia, she said she wasn't happy about the decision.

During the entire blunder, the marching athletes, including the flag-bearers of various countries, were seen leaving the stadium while the closing speeches were still in progress. "It has a very powerful future", Beattie told reporters on Sunday.

"If you do it and it doesn't get covered on telly, does the tree actually fall?" They've competed, they're exhausted.

"But we made a mistake".