Russia's Putin predicts global 'chaos' if West hits Syria again

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Russia, an ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, pledged to retaliate for what it described as a "fabricated" chemical gas attack.

MAYNES: Well, we heard from Russia's Defense Ministry - has confirming the fact that these airstrikes had avoided hitting Russia's bases in Syria.

Fyodor Lukyanov, the Kremlin-friendly editor of the Russian Federation in Global Affairs magazine, ruled out the prospect of a direct military conflict between Moscow and Washington.

"It is our understanding the Russians may have visited the attack site", United States ambassador Kenneth Ward said at a meeting of the OPCW in The Hague on Monday.

The senior administration official said, "What you've seen tonight is not the end of the United States response". A second witness said the Barzah district of Damascus had been hit in the strikes.

Although officials said the singular target was Assad's chemical weapons capability, his air force, including helicopters he allegedly has used to drop chemical weapons on civilians, were spared.

At the meeting, the fifth in a week on chemical weapons in Syria, Russia and its supporters again clashed with the USA and its allies over a suspected poison gas attack on April 7 in the Damascus suburb of Douma.

Russia's ambassador to the United States says there will be consequences for the military strikes, adding that it was not acceptable to insult Russia's president.

Russian President Vladimir Putin denounced joint American, British, and French missile strikes on Syria as "an act of aggression against a sovereign state" and said he would seek an emergency meeting of the United Nations' Security Council.

Russian Federation has questioned the rationale for USA air strikes on Syria, which have lit up the Damascus sky.

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The military strike in Syria that drew a gleeful "Mission Accomplished" from President Trump on Twitter is not exacting the same elation from some Middle East experts who see a long, hard climb to peace in the war-weary Muslim nation.

The U.S. -led operation won broad Western support.

Russian media reports claimed police said the apartment was locked from the inside, indicating no one else had entered or left the property.

Nasrallah said there is no chemical program in Syria, and he likened the attacks in Syria to the West's concern over Iran's nuclear program.

Syria has continued to deny any chemical weapons were used.

Syrian TV is reporting that the attack on Syria targeted a scientific research center in Barzeh, near Damascus.

The defense ministry also said today that they were considering helping Damascus beef up its air defenses, including giving them Russia's much-vaunted - this S-300 surface-to-air missile systems.

Inspectors from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) went to Syria last week to inspect the Douma site but have yet to gain access to the town, which is now under government control after the rebels withdrew.

Vladimir Putin denounced the strike after his ambassador to the United States stated the bombings have been an insult to the president because the three nations joined forces in response to the "evil and despicable crimes of a monster".

In London, British Prime Minister Theresa May is facing criticism over her decision to bypass parliament and take part in the air strikes. "I think that's the right approach", Haley added.