Russian Federation says Syria chemical attack is a 'fabrication'

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Russian Federation has dismissed the purported chemical attack as fake and strongly warned the USA and its allies against launching a military strike in Syria.

The British envoy to the OPCW said the body had recorded 390 allegations of the use of banned chemicals in Syria since 2014, and that a failure by the OPCW to act risked allowing "further barbaric use of chemical weapons".

Russian diplomats have castigated the United States, Britain and France for their airstrikes last week on what they said were chemical weapons facilities in Syria, where the Kremlin is backing the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

Syria and Russian Federation deny chemical weapons were used in the final offensive that captured Douma, a rebel-held territory east of Damascus. "But on this occasion there is none".

President Donald Trump said the strikes had accomplished their aim of undermining efforts by the Syrian government to produce and use chemical weapons again in violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention.

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Matt and other military leaders had warned that the larger the attack, the greater the risk of a confrontation with Russian Federation, two U.S. officials said.

He said these developments "cannot be tolerated" and are "fraught with grave repercussions for global security", especially with Russian troops deployed in Syria.

On Monday, Fox News' Tucker Carlson said we have "no real idea what happened" in Syria and claimed that people are simply "making it up" when they attribute responsibility for the chemical attacks to Assad.

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Senior Russian figures, including the head of the military, have warned that USA missiles will be shot down and their launch sites targeted if Russian personnel come under threat.

Striking a conciliatory note, it said: "The President of the Republic called for dialogue with Russian Federation to be maintained and stepped up to bring peace and stability back to Syria".

Russian defence ministry said that no USA or allied missiles had entered Russian air defence zones in Syria yet. He talked, I believe, the day before yesterday with President Putin.

"Right-wing media outlets and Trump supporters like Mike Cernovich also promoted the "#SyriaHoax" conspiracy theory a year ago on social media - a disinformation campaign that was traced directly to a pro-Assad Russian propaganda outlet.

Western powers are thought to be preparing for strikes but Russian Federation, a Syrian ally, opposes such action.

In Geneva, UN war crimes investigators condemned on Friday the suspected use of chemical weapons in Douma and called for evidence to be preserved with a view to future prosecutions. All the geniuses tell us that Assad killed those children, but do they really know that? The medics, however, said none of the patients had any symptoms of chemical poisoning, according to the statements.

SIMON: At the same time, there was a lot of concern obviously on behalf of the U.S., Britain and France that Russian Federation, that has military assets on the ground there in Syria, might make some kind of military response. It "could be very soon or not so soon at all", he said. The government's capture of Douma, the last town held by the rebels in eastern Ghouta, marked a major victory for Assad. Rebels and jihadist insurgents are largely contained to two areas on Syria's northern and southern borders.