Russia Denies Tampering With Syria Chemical Attack Site

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In a bid to get back at the West for launching a military strike on its close ally Syria, over an alleged chemical weapons attack on Douma - Russia is now said to be responding with cyber attacks in Syria's defense.

In an interview published Sunday in the Journal du Dimanche newspaper, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said Moscow "should join our efforts to promote a political process in Syria that would allow a way out of the crisis".

Concern about tampering was raised by the USA envoy to the worldwide chemical weapons watchdog.

U.S. Ambassador Kenneth Ward levied the accusation against Russian Federation during a closed-door meeting at the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

In the aftermath, the remnants of a rebel army evacuated, handing Assad one of the biggest victories in a war that has killed about half a million people and laid waste to whole cities. The OPCW team is tasked with determining whether banned substances were used in the Douma attack, a charge that both Syria and its ally Russian Federation vehemently denied.

Inspectors arrived in Syria on Saturday to determine if chemical weapons were used in the deadly attack that has left up to 70 people dead.

"Not one of the cruise missiles released by the U.S. and its allies entered the zone of responsibility of Russian air defences protecting facilities in Tartus and Hmeimim", the ministry said in a statement carried by the RIA Novosti state news agency, referring to the locations of Russia's naval and air bases.

The confused announcement and walk-back outlined in the report came just days after the U.S., along with the United Kingdom and France, ordered strikes on Syrian facilities in retaliation for an alleged chemical weapons attack and as the Trump administration has ramped up criticism of Russian Federation for its support of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad. "What did take place was the staged thing", he added.

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She added that Russian Federation is feeling the effects of United States actions including "the sanctions that are continuing to happen, which you'll see again on Monday".

The U.S. -led strikes did nothing to alter the strategic balance or dent Assad's supremacy and the Western allies have said the aim was to prevent the further use of chemical weapons, not to intervene in the civil war or topple Assad.

Witnesses and Western governments say helicopters dropped chemical bombs that killed many children and women hiding in cellars from bombardment.

The Russian foreign minister says Russia did not tamper with the site of the chemical attack.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson made this clear on Monday as he arrived at a meeting of European Union foreign ministers in Luxembourg, telling reporters: "I'm afraid the Syrian war will go on in its frightful, miserable way".

The meeting in The Hague is behind closed doors, but Reuters reported the American ambassador, Kenneth Ward, as expressing concern the Russian forces there may have tampered with evidence.

The US, Britain and France launched a series of air strikes against Syrian government targets in the early hours of Saturday in retaliation for the alleged gas attack.

It is barred from having, storing or using nerve agents, and while it is permitted to possess chlorine for civilian uses, is banned from using that chemical as a weapon. The French Constitution bars presidents from going to parliament and President Emmanuel Macron will therefore not be questioned by lawmakers.