How to manage and block apps from accessing your Facebook data

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Although Zuckerberg continually defended Facebook's privacy controls, reminding the hearing that users at all times have the option to control who their posts are shared with and opt out of data being shared with advertisers, he did not seem overly willing to change anything.

"Congresswoman, I don't remember if we had a financial penalty", Zuckerberg said under questioning by U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette, D-Colo., on Wednesday. Assuming she is correct, this is rather interesting because ever since Facebook disclosed the data abuse by Cambridge Analytica, they have taken various steps to make it easier for users to adjust their privacy settings, but apparently not many users are taking them up on it.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been in the media spotlight this week after Congress grilled him for hours over the data breach scandal. Zuckerberg did not respond. For the time being, however, Facebook has no plans to create such a tool, Reuters said.

Critics said that Zuckerberg has not said enough about the extent and use of the data. "This would apply to other services beyond Facebook because, as mentioned, it is standard to how the internet works".

Facebook's proactive data-collection processes have been under scrutiny in previous years, especially as researchers and journalists have delved into the workings of Facebook's "Download Your Information" and "People You May Know" tools to report on shadow profiles.

"So, Facebook had lacked policies for their app developers".

"But unlike Cambridge Analytica and its peers, who must content themselves with whatever data they can extract from Facebook's public interfaces, Facebook is sitting on the motherload, with unfettered access to staggering databases of behavior and preferences", Biddle notes. One way that the company could be able to cut back on data usage as well as an accurate news is by having a fee-based model that would charge people a nominal fee to use the website on a monthly basis.

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An ad-free Facebook. More important, the pieces of data that I found objectionable, like the record of people I had unfriended, could not be removed from Facebook, either.

Facebook declined to comment on concerns about the workarounds.

In a document filed late Friday, Facebook said it had spent $7.3 million in personal security costs and $1.5 million on personal use of private aircraft by Zuckerberg in 2017, a 54 percent increase from the year before, bringing the total to $8.8 million, compared with $5.8 million in 2016.

Despite the scary-sounding name, I don't think there is necessarily any malice or ill will in Facebook's creation and use of shadow profiles.

But the data Facebook has on people who are not signed up to the social media giant also came under scrutiny. We should make our own strides to protect ourselves and stay informed on new regulations that could be in Facebook's future.

At a minimum, "Facebook is going to have to think about ways to structure their technology to give that proper notice", said Woodrow Hartzog, a Northeastern University professor of law and computer science. "Here is Facebook knowing this research and deliberately trying to get even younger kids to use their platform ... the last thing that kids need is to normalize this idea that relationships should take place online, that relationships should take place through a commercial product". Today, either they or data brokers scrape information from your social media for "lead generation".