Robert De Niro's Robert Mueller Grills Ben Stiller's Michael Cohen

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Donald Trump had a wild week, beginning with the raid of the offices and residences of his longtime lawyer Michael Cohen, which the president called "a war on our country".

"Saturday Night Live" continued its cavalcade of big-name guest stars playing figures in the day-to-day drama of the Trump administration this weekend by opening with a reunion of "Meet the Parents" stars.

Cohen eventually arrives and gives them the full details on why they ought to be anxious after how much stuff federal agents took from him. The show's cold open had plenty of material to work with this week. "I'll start with some easy ones: How'd you like that pee pee tape?" Robert De Niro fired back, once again referencing "Meet the Parents".

"If you're innocent, you have nothing to worry about", De Niro's Mueller says as he straps Stiller's Cohen to a lie detector. "I will gladly go to jail to protect Mr. Trump", Stiller said. There was the Stormy Daniels bribe, James Comey's tell-all, and the raid of Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen's offices by Special Counselor Robert Mueller.

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Trump's codename apparently used to be "Putin's little b-h", but is now "Stormy's little b-h". "I got a whole hard drive that's just labeled 'Yikes, '" he said.

The segment ended with De Niro telling Ben Stiller's Cohen "You broke the law and we're gonna catch you little fockers".

Stiller popped up first, playing the embattled and bumbling Cohen who, let's be honest, is a dead man walking at this point.