How to protect your personal information online

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I think Facebook is a lot of things.

Kogan denied handing over the information to Cambridge Analytica for use on any of its campaigns.

Technology journalist for The Guardian Alex Hern, who covers Facebook extensively, wrote on Twitter: "It is unthinkable to me that Zuckerberg is not familiar with the concept of "shadow profiles", and the absence of a straight denial that they exist is probably the strongest evidence that yes, Facebook continues to maintain shadow profiles".

While Facebook said it is changing its data policy for European users, the company has appealed the decision.

"However, a friend of yours did log in". (You can check if your data has been accessed here.) As a result, the app likely had access to my public profile, birthday, current city, and which pages I liked.

After I thought about this, I decided that I had nothing to worry about.

"No. Let me be clear on this: You're talking about this conspiracy theory that gets passed around that we listen to what's going on on your microphone and use that for ads", Zuckerberg replied.

It's Facebook's toxic combination of unsettled privacy and corporate power that demands still more scrutiny: how a single player became so damn dominant, whether it leverages that dominance in anticompetitive ways, and ultimately what tools Washington might exercise, if any, in the face of that consolidation.

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Before many people join a network, it may not be so useful. "Facebook has that information and they can present that ad for that objective". If somebody takes digital information, under the Criminal Code it's not theft ... But the data leak is nothing new for those already entrenched in the world of information security. This is because the bad guys will try to create an email that you will want to open, and that will contain a link you will want click on. Are they an aerospace company?

And it's good news for anyone who owns shares in Facebook, they should be happy as they will be slightly richer also. You didn't know how many apps you need to audit. These allegations have taken an aggressive turn and have cause concern over whether this data was then used to try to sway the outcome of the 2016 USA presidential election and the Brexit vote.

The archive also has knowledge of not only the advertisements a user has clicked on, but also which advertisers have downloaded the user's info. The post was helpfully titled, "Facebook Does Not Use Your Phone's Microphone for Ads or News Feed Stories". This may not sound like much, but the level of detail is astonishing.

"So the average for non-Facebook platforms is 1,500", the congressman said. This can pinpoint where you were when the photo was taken. "What is interesting is that the number grows to 18% among people who are said to be very aware of the Cambridge Analytica indicent".

You might never join Facebook, but a zombie you - sewn together from scattered bits of your personal data - is still sitting there in sort-of-stasis on its servers waiting to be properly animated if you do sign up for the service. If your mother's maiden name was "Smith" then tell the website it was "Jones".

Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) summarized Zuckerberg's sometimes-deficient responses in a remark towards the end of the hearing: "As CEO, you didn't know some key facts".

How to protect yourself online. Scalise, though, asked if the data is also used as part of Facebook's business.