02:33Cover Your Tracks: Apple Internal Memo About Leaks Gets Leaked

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Apple warned its employees that leaking details about the latest iPhone could land them in jail.

The memo about leaking, which was leaked to Bloomberg and published on Friday, threatened employees with criminal consequences and shines a harsh light on the Silicon Valley company's aggressive surveillance of its own employees and intensive investigative efforts to catch and punish leakers.

The memo has been leaked to Bloomberg. But it also suffered from an onslaught of negative press due to employees leaking information, perhaps stemming from a dissatisfaction of the company leadership's conduct or alleged inability to deal with problems like harassment. "We want the chance to tell our customers why the product is great, and not have that done poorly by someone else", says Greg Joswiak of Product Marketing. The guidance identified 29 employees providing information to the media.

Apple seems to be notorious for its culture of secrecy and has reportedly made employees sign non-disclosure agreements specific to projects and even used black cloths to cover unreleased products. The FCC document that comes courtesy of MacRumors was filed in September past year and includes several images of a gold iPhone X with multiple angles to outline the included features and dimensions of the device. Last year, another employee was sacked for leaking details about the iPhone X, iPad Pro, and AirPods to 9to5Mac.

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But in case Apple employees get too cosy hating journalists, there still some bile reserved for them.

Recent reports suggest that Apple might be getting ready to launch the gold iPhone X to revive flagging sales. And for that, Apple hates them. It's also unclear why they didn't release this version alongside the silver and space gray a year ago.

In many cases, leakers don't set out to leak.

In Q4 2017, or call it Apple's fiscal Q1 2018, the high price of iPhone helped to see a record increase in the ASP (Average Selling Price), which clocked $796, up $100 YoY. 12 of them were arrested. In the memo, the employees were threatened with losing their jobs if they revealed trade secrets. They are the result of a decision by someone who may not have considered the impact of their actions.