Two From Southwest Oklahoma Shine on 'American Idol' Premiere

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Pooley is the show's music director.

"You're so hot", Perry said when she met him. Even more mind-blowing: It dawns on judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan that the sweet sophomore was born in 2002, the same year Idol first crackled across Fox's airwaves in America.

In Idol's case though, likability must be a metric by which Katy is judged; it's fair to expect some level of affinity for the people families invite into their dens rooms every week.

That's when Perry made a decision to swoop in and give him a good luck kiss.

ABC has brought back the once-popular reality television show after Fox discontinued it nearly two years ago. Perry falls on the floor during the dancing, but says that she cute and quirky. "I'm an excited, happy, fired-up yes". It seems like she has the pipes to stick around a while. He then tells her, "There are things we could tone down. We need you in this show".

Another difference in the 2018 panel: instead of saying "no", these judges opt for, "not yet". When you go to dig in", Luke said to Ron, "you've got layers and layers to your voice.

Ah, yes. An old school joke audition followed by Harper Grace, who at 11 years old was responsible for the worst ever National Anthem before Fergie said "hold my beer".

The Firework singer just strutted off as if nothing had happened, like the pro she is. Luke added that Riss has "the voice of an angel", and she received a golden ticket without hesitation. While Glaze went for her cheek.

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Layla Spring from Kentucky charmed the judges with her 7-year-old sister, Dyxie.

Going higher: William Casanova works in women's shoes as his regular job and his heartfelt version of Leon Russell's "A Song for You" by Donny Hathaway had Katy Perry so moved that she wriggled right out of her shoes, giving a toe touch and a golden ticket. And so Mara is on her way to Hollywood with mom by her side - her biggest fan since day one.

In the not-ready-to-advance department is Brandon Cruz, who got a cashier job to meet girls.

Bryan suggested he "hone his craft a little more" and "get better at singing" before trying again soon.

"I don't think we need to critique, I think we just need to vote", Perry said with a grin, at the outset of Monday's episode, the second of a two-night premiere for the "Idol" reboot on ABC. For instance, how in the world did Sardor Milano win Russia's "X Factor?"

Due to the "unique dimension" in Gabbii's voice, the judges sent her to Hollywood. DeLorenzo is authentic, impressing the judge with a jazz-fueled acoustic interpretation of "Unaware".

The show's editing team decides this is a good time to throw things back to the Los Angeles auditions, some of which we saw the previous night.