A Sami Zayn face turn vs. Kevin Owens at WrestleMania?

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Zayn and Owens attacked Shane McMahon when they wrapped a chair around his neck and slammed him into the ring post, then they dragged him backstage and powerbombed him onto a metal rack to end the show.

Owens and Zayn then came out and expressed their joy to see McMahon go but also chose to give him a brutal parting gift.

The way things have been going with Zayn and Owens, I think it is quite possible that we may see the two split, with the Undderdog possibly turning face and reigniting he and KO's near-legendary feud on a more serious base.

He said: "Now I've had numerous conversations, including one today with Smackdown's General Manager Daniel Bryan, who I'm pleased to say will be returning to Smackdown Live next week". This enraged the duo, who chose to interfere with the proceedings and show their anger in the most expected way.

Owens and Zayn, who had seemingly stopped teaming up together in their pursuit of the WWE Championship, were upset with McMahon who involved himself in their title match at Fastlane and cost both Superstars their chance to become champion. There is speculation that this may happen, though WWE has not confirmed it at this time.

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The son of WWE chairman Vince McMahon has been the commissioner of SmackDown since the brand split in 2016.

Notably, Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon also had their share of differences with the former insisting on doing what was right. Bryan has always been sympathetic toward the duo due to the treatment meted out by the commissioner.

Zayn and Owens have had countless epic matches in the past, and could easily put on one of the best matches of the entire year at WrestleMania.

WWE will update on the extent of Shane's injuries within next 24 hours.